Listen to the voice of the preacher,
Restlessly shaking the earth
Speaking redemption to the full maturation of the sun

Your bodies soaked
In distress
Sour sweats dripped
On the surface of the field
Your feet heeded distant calls
Of strange Salsa patterns
Eyes that did not tremble
Hands that fixed its gaze in solemn dedication

Listen O ye that travails

Living your life to the fullest
Cold gulps of reckless moments in familiar company
Every night to the fair skinned attraction
Lo, the offering of her breasts and secret powers
You sell caution- to the wind
Spending eternity- on frugal acts
Of wild pleasures

The toil
The joy
Drowning and drowning
Every day- for thirty years now
Poor old soul
“Twelve books of Ecclesiastes, or the preacher”,
The preacher advised,
“Can save whatever number remaineth”.

Ife Adedeji (IA, 2014).
(A product of relief. Of a messianic appreciation for the book of the preacher. This may yet be the best book I have read).

Author: ifeadedeji

I am a graduate student in African Studies at the Center for International Studies, Ohio University where I work as a research assistant and Editor of Africa@OHIO Blog. I hold a bachelors in political science, and use this space as a container of my thoughts.

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