A Thought on Violence.

On no account can an excuse be made for crude barbarity. Thank Jesus we’re out of the stone age and Hobbesian state of nature. But morally flawed, lawless men are still everywhere around us. Not all of us are refined and regenerated to meet the demands of civility. Some are animals. Point straight. A violent man or violent-prone man is not fit to be called a man in light of the new order. And nothing can excuse that- not even alcohol. When a man lacks pure morality and resolves to slamming chairs or throwing punches (whether at a fellow man or an opposite sex), he is sick. Would you blame it on lesser education? You could. After all, good, quality education and parental upbringing lifts men out out of poverty and disorderliness. No matter the quality of hard brick the catalyst cause is made from, and no matter the notoriety of the spirited liquid, a properly educated man will not throw his cool at the air- it’s a stuff for the lesser man.

Author: ifeadedeji

I am a graduate student in African Studies at the Center for International Studies, Ohio University where I work as a research assistant and Editor of Africa@OHIO Blog. I hold a bachelors in political science, and use this space as a container of my thoughts.

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