Sin, the root cause of mental illness?

Is this pastor’s tweet a re-presentation of the diabolical?

Popular Nigerian Charismatic pastor, the founder of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, has set the internet rolling. In a series of tweets on mental illness, the pastor declared that the “root” cause of mental illness is sin and the solution is salvation.

Dami Ajayi has written back. Bisi Alimi, the Nigerian gay man and activist in London, has also fired back on his Facebook page. Chioma Agwuegbo, the Fairy God Sister, tried to intervene but public attacks and cusses wouldn’t let her. It’s an unfolding drama.

I have attended Daystar Christian Centre a couple of times while I was working in Lagos, in the company of Red Media’s Chude Jideonwo (pun intended), so I know the mammoth crowd that the esteemed church attracts. I see a sort of convergence in this pastor’s tweet and Nollywood’s characteristic presentation of ‘were’ (Yoruba word that translates to ‘mad’) and mental disorder as results of an evil deed or an evil plot. Is this pastor’s tweet a re-presentation of the diabolical?